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Notes from the Editor-Publisher

Project Proposal- Need For A Preacher's Training School

  A. To date, the existing training schools in Baguio City and in Nueva Vizcaya are as follows:
    1. Philippine Bible College, 18 Rimando Road, sponsored through Baguio Church of Christ and supervised by 5 elders
    2. Heritage Bible College, Irisan, Baguio City, managed by Erasto Fuentes, Jr
    3. Philippine Bible College in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya ( under a new name) directed by John Dinio; formerly managed by the late Leonardo Corpuz. Now, Asuncion A Corpuz, widow of Leo Corpuz, helps raise funds for the school

  B. Conceptual Framework
     1. These schools offer Associate and Bachelor of Theology degrees
     2. They accept full time students with work scholarship and part time students with free lodging only.
     3.Full time students enjoy free board and lodging; are supported by churches and individuals and required to work in the school or in the church
     4. Teachers work for the school and the local church with remunerations
  C. Statement of the Problem
     1. The afore cited schools require full time students who must be present in the school premises on semestral basis.
     2. Students must be High School graduates ( Grade 10 ) and must understand English
     3. Men, in other local congregations, cannot be personally present in the schools due to work and other pursuits. Hence, they can not be full time students.
     4. Some of them have not finished High School education ( Grade 10 ) and would not fully understand English instruction.
     5. Therefore, there is a need for a Training School which will not require students to stay full time in the school premises 
     6. The courses or subjects can be one week only and will be held in the local church buildings.
     7. The medium of instruction can be done in the local dialects of the students

  A. Subjects To Be Taught Are The Most Needed
     1. Personal Evangelism
     2. Homiletics/Sermon Preparation
     3. Fundamentals of Music
     4. Church Planting/Growth
     5. Church Management
     6. Old Testament Survey
     7. New Testament Survey
     8. Denominationalism
     9. Church History 1 and 2
    10. Biblical Interpretation
  B. Teachers and Lecturers are ATh and BTh graduates, Preachers or Visiting Brothers
     1. Payments can be done per hour basis or are subjects for negotiation
     2. Payments may come from the local congregations or maybe sponsored by other churches and individuals

  A. To date the training schools near Baguio City are as follows:
     1. Northern Luzon Bible College at San Fabian with Jonathan T Ramos as Director- Sponsored by US churches and Individuals
       a. NLBC accepts both male and female students, full time.
       b. The school building is situated on an accessible hill facing the Lingayen Sea at San Fabian area
       c. To date, there are about 20 or more full time students
     2. Asian Christian University or Philippine Theologolical College at Salomague, Bugallon, Pangasinan
       a. President- Junas Sagurit
       b. Assisted by Local Graduates and visiting American brothers as faculty and lecturers
       c. ACU accepts only full time male students and required to finish a BTh degree.
       d. Graduates can pursue master degrees in theology and others 
       e. Only HS graduates or Grade 10 are accepted and must understand English instruction
       f. ACU has several buildings sprawling on about half a hectare land
  B. These two schools are located in Pangasinan
    1. Training schools catering to special kinds and needs of students must be located at the following places:
    2. La Union, Ilocos Regions, Cagayan, Nueva Ecija and Quezon are places where not too many congregations of the Lord are found
  C. To date, a special school which caters to the needs of local preachers who cannot be full time stidents is based in Cebu and in Isabela
     1. In Cebu, Neil O Emperado is Director of Bear Valley Bible Institute assisted by her graduates and visiting American teachers
    2.While in Isabela, Bal Lagua dieects the activities of Bear Valley Bible Institute there


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