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Dinosaurs- Creation or Evolution? ( Genesis 1:24)

DANIEL A OLIVA/08/06/2022

 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. (Genesis 1:24)

  A. The movies Jurrasic World have popularized the gargantuan creatures called " dinosaurs!"
  1. The question to ask is " Were dinosaurs the results of God's creation or the theory of evolution?" 
  2. What does the Bible say about this important question? Let us know the truth as Jesus said in John 8:32.
  B. The approach in this study shall be as follows:
  1.What are dinosaurs? Definition and description
  2. Dinosaurs according to the theory of evolution
  3. Proposed Biblical View About Dinosaurs-  Make Believe?
  4. Counter Proposal Against Dinosaurs' Existence- Biblical View
  A. What are dinosaurs? Definition and Description
  1. They lived between 245 to 66 millions years ago or about 165 million years old.
  2. They became extinct 65 millions years ago during the end of Cretacious Period.
  3. Then men or " homo sapiens" appeared on earth.
  4. Proofs of their " supposed" existence are fossilized bones, teeth, foot prints, tracks, eggs and skin impressions."
 B. Dinosaurs According to the Theory of Evolution
  1. One theory says that they evolved into birds ( avian theory) - the reason, they are not seen walking or running around the earth today
  2. Another theory affirms that dinosaurs became extinct due to the ff. reasons:
   a. killed during a great asteriod impact on the planet earth
   b. volcanic eruptions resulting to large scale climate change
    - Genesis 8:22 ( in addition to cold, heat, summer and winter)
    - Genesis 9:3 ( all animals under man's power)
   3. " Homo habilis" or the handy man appeared about 2.4 to 1.4 million years ago in South Africa
 C. Proposed Biblical View on Dinosaurs
   1. Dinosaurs were " created" or made by God on the sixth ( 6th) day of creation
      - Genesis 1:24 ( domestic, wild, large and small)
      - Genesis 1:30 ( they were vegetarians- grass and leafy plants)
    2. After man sinned in the Garden of Eden, they began to die like man
      - Romans 8:22 ( all of creation groans in pain)
      - they died in the flood as all " plants and trees" disappeared
   D. Counter Proposal Against Dinosaurs' Existence- Biblical View
    1. Evolutionists theory on dinosaurs living millions of years is highly plausible and incredible!
    2. Analyzing the age of Planet Earth from the bible's genealogical records will be about 6000 to 7000 years only
     - read Genesis Chapter One
   3.Archbishop Usher ( KJV) placed the Creation Period about 4000 BC.
   4. The Bible does not mention dinosaurs but " behemoth and leviathan"
    a. behemoth ( huge and monstrous creature, e.g. hippopotamus;  brontosaurus) is mentioned in Job 40:15-19
    b. leviathan ( sea monster, e.g. whale, sea serpent or crocodile) is mentioned in
      - Job 41:1-34( flames from his mouth)
      - Psalm 74:14( monster)
      - Isaiah 27:1( dragon)
    5. If God wanted to preserve dinosaurs, He could have instructed Noah to place their " babies" or eggs in the Ark
 A. Among God's creation on the 6th Day was Man or Homo Sapiens ( intelligent creatures)
   1. He was made in the image of God according to Genesis 1:26
     a. He has reason, the gift of speech, the power to create and to have dominion above all other creatures
     b. Above all, he has a soul, conscience, an after life, a spiritual life in a higher dimension
   2. Thus, he can commit sin and is the object of God's love and salvation
     a. John 3:16
     b. we are all intelligent beings, not brutes
     c. God wants us all to be with Him in heaven, Revelation 2:10